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Our collection of Morrocan, Turkish and South American rugs and throws is hand-chosen buy our buyer, Shelley Koury. She has longstanding relationships with suppliers who procure these rugs directly from their countries of origin. Shelley, therefore, is able to have first choice of new shipments and for the most competitive prices. Visit us to see the entire collection!

rug 720 2

rug 720 4

A vibrant whip-stitched Bolivian throw

rug 720 5

Turkish Kilims

rug 720 3

Dhurri rugs that just arrived from India. They’re made of recycled materials and, yes, they’re sparkley!

rugs 720 1

One-of-a-kind handmade Turkish rugs. Because they’re made of hemp, they’re exceptionally durable. They’re perfect for a home with history or a modern, minimalist space.

rug love 1

Turkish Kilims and Morrocan Wedding Blankets

rug 20

A Classic: The Beni Ourain.

rug love 2

Bolivian throws and Turkish rugs in the most amazing palettes!

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