Leather & Linen Apron Finery

Santa Barbara designer Monica Epstein brings style to the kitchen with her new line of Lithuanian linen aprons and organic hemp cotton aprons.

These classic aprons are made with one large pocket divided into two sections. The leather ties have plenty of length to tie from front to back of the waist and there’s enough length in the neck straps to tie comfortably while still having some length down back.

The linen is woven by a small, family-owned business in Lithuania then directly imported from the maker to produce these aprons. Lithuanian linen is of the highest quality due to the Baltic climate which is ideal for growing flax all over the world.

The organic cotton hemp blend apron is an exceptionally strong fabric which holds its shape.

Whether for a professional chef, a keen cook, a chic host, or a crafter, this apron is function and style at its finest.

Lithuanian Linen with Wide Black Stripe – Full Apron 104.00, Hostess Apron 68.00

Organic Hemp with Indigo or Brown Thin Stripe – Full Apron 60.00

Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108. Call: 805.565.1502

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