Travel Pouches

A customer came into the store the other day looking for a gift for a friend traveling on an African safari. She came up with a beautiful gift bag that we all thought was just perfect. It was so inspiring that we re-created two versions of the gift bag here at the store as examples of terrific gift ideas. Travel season coming as spring break and summer are just around the corner, come in if you need a gift or a set of rejuvenating and soothing travel items yourself.

Pick out your own set or call us up and have us make you a pouch like ours.

Pouch one features:
Walker mesh bag 18.00
Mini travel towel 10.00
Honey nectar soap with case 10.00
Bath fizz egg in lavender 8.00
Charcoal eye mask 26.00
Charcoal toothbrush 6.50

Pouch two features:
Fog Linen bag 22.00
Mini travel towel 10.00
Pre de Provence tiny heart soap 2.00
Bamboo toothbrush set 12.00
Cosabella one-size panty 18.00
Olivina hand cream 18.00
La Natura rejuvenating mist lavender 10.00
La Natura lip balm with SPF 20 10.00
Kai mini roller oil perfume 45.00
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  • Hi Heather,
    So glad you liked the travel pouch idea. My friend thought it fabulous and over the top and not a duplication of anything she has seen or had. Each item wass neded to stay fresh and refreshed. Made me happy.

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