Italian Leather

7.16.14-italian-leatherOur highlight of the week so far is opening this shipment of handcrafted purses, clutches, wallets and briefcases from Italy. With details such as soft, patina leather, brass rivets, gussets and embossing, who could resist? We certainly can’t. Visit us soon to see the full collection!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Summer Sale


Summer Sale

This is a good one, folks!

We’ve marked down much of our Men’s department 40% off, including selected linen shirts, t-shirts, hats, accessories and fine leather bags. On our sale patio, selected housewares, linens, gifts, candles and more are now up to 70% off.




Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Tunisian Style

7.02.14-lanternNatural, handwoven fibers bring warmth and texture to any aesthetic and to our new rugs and rattan lanterns that just arrived from Tunisia. The rugs are available in 17×24″ and 22×30″. The rugs come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Come visit us and see for yourself!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 805.565.1502

Fantasy Rug

6.27.14-fantasy-rugThe Persian Cowhide is a design that cunningly combines two of the most iconic rug designs in the world. The meticulous and geometric Persian carpet is seamlessly combined with the natural irregularity of an animal skin rug. This design is created by digitally printing onto a fabric backed rubber which is hand-cut to its final hide shape. Unlike real animal skin, this material is hypo-allergenic, washable, non-slip and will not curl up at the edges.

Available Upstairs in two color choices. Made in England. Click image to enlarge.
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 805.565.1502

Who’s Ready to Play?

6.18.14-play-2Meet Snow Pink, Bite Me!, Howling Bowling and Francois Firlefant. When no ordinary stuffed toy will do, these guys and their fluffy, colorful friends from the Sweety Collection are unforgettable gifts and companions for summer travel!

6.18.14-play-1Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Father’s Day: Man Ray Art Chess Set

6.02.14-man-ray-2From one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, just in time for Father’s Day, we now have the re-edition of Man Ray’s 1920 Chess Set. Man Ray’s lifelong friendship with avid chess player and fellow artist Marcel Duchamp led to his chess piece designMan Ray sought to use pure geometric forms associated historically and figuratively with the pieces they represent The Egyptian pyramid represents the king, the medieval queen’s conical headdress the queen and a flask for the concocting of healing liqueurs the bishop. The knight is based on a favorite form, the carved scroll found on a violin. The set is made of solid beech wood and crafted in Germany under license of the Man Ray Trust.
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Erika Carter Spring 2014



5.22.14-erika-carter-3As you walk up the stairs to our entry, you’ll be greeted by these grand ladies who have just arrived Upstairs from Erika’s studio. Painted in Erika’s signature style, influenced heavily by her time in San Miguel de Allende, her work has a presence that lifts the spirit!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1503

Man Soap


5.22.14-man-soap-2Like beer? Did you know it’s good for your hair and skin, too? Check out this new line of beer soaps. Made with all natural ingredients and scents including Wild Billy Goat, Creamy Ale and Hefeweizen, they make uniquely appreciated Grad and Father’s Day gifts!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1503

In a Land Far Away

5.01.14-land-far-awayVisit us Upstairs this week and check out our new arrivals that Shelley has curated from around the world. We’re especially loving out dining table this week. With its eclectic display of Italian Match pewter, French bistro chairs by Fermob, Linens by Coral & Tusk, Indian teapots and matte gold flatware, all sitting on a vintage Turkish rug, it transports us to some place magical each time we walk by!

We look forward to seeing you!
Upstairs, 516 San Yasidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

What Dreams Are Made Of

4.28.14-dreamsThe Princess and the Pea doll, book and bed set by Maileg of Denmark is always a sell-out item Upstairs, a treasured gift that gives endless hours of enjoyment and imagination.

Beautifully made with extraordinary details from the quilted mattresses to the crocheted pea, this heirloom quality set comes with Mini Princess Bunny, one wooden canopy bed, seven quilted mattresses, one duvet, one quilted pillow, one crocheted pea and a beautiful gift box that transforms into a bedroom. The set is packaged in a lovely detailed box which is part of the fantastic play. Included in the set is a magical story about the Bunny and the Pea.

Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502


4.19.14-chalkware-1Chalkware is the brilliant concoction of Matt Austin, a New York artist, and his brother Clayton Austin, the force behind Boston Ornament Company, the plasterworks specialist extraordinaire.

4.19.14-chalkware-3They were inspired by a mantle Clayton made that had scallop shells in the frieze panel. Matt & Clayton grew up in an artistic family. Clayton took the decorative plaster route and Matt is a brilliant designer and muralist.

4.19.14-chalkware-2However, from the bits of chalk they made into nuts and bolts, cars, and office building replicas it seems perhaps these siblings are not totally grown up. And are we’re grateful for that. Chalkware is meant for sidewalk drawing, blackboard doodling, or just for display and play.
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

New Art by Donna Ayscough

Introducing new art from Santa Barbara artist Donna Ayscough. Donna uses color as the main theme in most works. She prefers to sketch and explore ideas in black and white while away from the studio. This technique allows subject matter to be developed on location in an unobtrusive sketch book. She will then not be confined to the subject’s actual colors when doing the finish work back in her studio. Donna works mostly with acrylic on wood.

4.19.14-donna-2Color, culture, native plants and flowers, people, and architectural landscapes have been Donna’s inspiration for her works. Painting’s are influenced mostly by her travels. Italy, Mexico, and Santa Barbara are just a few of her favorites because of there amazing buildings, florals, and color. When painting architectural elements, she will take the subject and give it a softer character where hard line perspective is ignored and there are no straight edges to confine the rich coloring of her vision.

4.19.14-donna-1Donna is a fourth generation Californian, born and raised in Santa Barbara. From her earliest beginnings she has been an artist. Her formal art education was at the University of Colorado in Fine Arts and the Colorado Institute of Art. She spent a semester abroad in Paris, France and Florence, Italy painting with other art students.
Click images to enlarge:
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Art. Architecture. Play

More than engaging in sophisticated intellectual activity, the aim of the Chairs Game and the Ladders Game is to play and see just how your construction can surprise you by its audacious balance and the strangeness of its forms.

4.10.14-art-architecture-4After a time, some questions about poetic language will undoubtedly arise and, while no one may be able to answer these questions, you will continue to play in an increasingly curious and enjoyable way. Brought to us by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and Pico Pao, a workshop with a long history of craftsmanship that began in 1979 in Lubián, a small Spanish village nestled in the mountains on the border with Portugal, these two games are a staple of mental challenge and bonding play.

4.10.14-art-architecture-2With either game, assemble the pieces to create arrangements that are surprising for their beauty and gravity-defying balance. The chairs or ladders can be piled up, stacked, left scattered on the floor or grouped into random shapes of difficult equilibrium. But whatever you do with them, these games let you play with the most primitive rules, those of a child trying to challenge himself and to dare balance itself by stacking objects using the freest of artistic expression.

4.10.14-art-architecture-3You can play alone or with friends, placing your piece in a way that makes it nearly impossible for others to place theirs without making the castle collapse in the air.

You are limited only by your imagination!

Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Life is an Adventure. Start Early

Meet the Spherovelo, a unique push along ride on for 10-24 month olds, even earlier with mum or dad’s help. Made in England, the Spherovelo is the world’s first ride on to accelerate the development of young children by helping them make the connection between their senses (vision, pressure, equilibrium) and their motor system.

4.10.14-spheroveloSome might call it balance but it’s really more about the coordination of our muscles in response to what we see and feel. It manages this by being a ride on that’s unstable on the one hand (so that the child is required to effect some control – like with a bike) but safe on the other; a combination never before achieved.

Winner of both the Red Dot Product Design Award 2013 and the Junior Design Award for Best Toy 2013, the Spherovelo features two play settings – stable with stabilisers on and ready-for-balance when removed so it can grow with your child’s development.

Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Outdoor Entertaining

4.09.14-outdoor-entertainingWho loves entertaining outside in Santa Barbara? Since the two are synonymous, we are always looking for new ways to make entertaining easier, more beautiful and, at the same time, more functional. One of Shelley’s newest finds is this Glass Drink Dispenser with turn spout and rattan base. We think it’s the perfect outdoor entertaining accessory this spring and summer for any event!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Discover the Benefits of Charcoal

Artisans in the Kishu region of Japan have been making Binchotan charcoal for centuries by burning oak branches until they are red hot, then rapidly cooling them. Regarded as the highest-quality charcoal for purifying water, Binchotan charcoal is also known to enhance blood circulation, capture moisture and odors from the air, and stimulate the development of healthy garden soil. You can enjoy all these benefits through our line of Binchotan charcoal products.

4.04.15-charcoal-1The Binchotan charcoal blended into each bristle of the toothbrush stops harmful bacteria from growing within the brush and gives off negative ions that deodorize while reducing bad breath and plaque.

4.04.15-charcoal-2An all-natural sponge made with pure vegetable fibers and ultra-fine Binchotan charcoal powder is perfect for face cleansing. Wet the sponge and use it with or without your cleanser to gently exfoliate your skin and balance its natural pH level.

4.04.15-charcoal-3The ultra-fine powder of Binchotan charcoal blended into the high-performance fibers of the Charcoal Body Scrub Towel absorbs odors as well as removes toxins and excess oil from your skin, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and revitalized.

Experience the benefits of charcoal for yourself or give it as a gift. All of these products are available Upstairs, alongside our other bath products.
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Bush Smarts

Why can’t camping gear be like cheese: locally made, exceptionally high quality and meaningfully unique? The guys at Bush Smarts made it their goal to personally procure, design and build a kit of gear that they think represents everything you need for a wilderness adventure.

4.02.14-photo-13They’ve scoured the globe to find obscure and under-appreciated gear and do whatever they can to make it more approachable for folks just getting into the outdoors, and more functional for seasoned pros.

4.02.14-photo-12From the Camp Harmonica, Man Soap and Game Kit to their Tinder and Camp Grill, we’re thrilled to be carrying this super cool line in our men’s department, perfect gifts for your outdoors-loving men!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

Aesthetic Organizing

Ready to Organize?

3.24.14-baskets-2Baskets are ideal for storing anything from fruit and veggies on the countertop to serving as a remote control home base or a stationary kit to storing spools of ribbon for gift wrapping – all without sacrificing style.

3.24.14-baskets-1Our new handmade recycled paper rope baskets are available in six sizes and combine texture, aesthetics and function. Visit us this week at the store for more spring organizing inspiration!

Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502

A Perfectly Blended Scent

3.24.14-scentWe have a new favorite candle. Tabac Vanille is made of essences of old world tobacco unfolds with creamery vanilla, cocoa and aromatic spices finished with subtle notes of sweet wood.

Pour Homme, supposedly created for men, but we think it’s a dreamy addition to any environment. One of Shelley’s best finds in Paris!
Upstairs, 516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito CA 93108 (805) 565 1502