Coral & Tusk

Born of a passion for storytelling and for creating beautiful gifts by hand, Coral & Tusk uses the timeless art of embroidery stitching to create one-of-a-kind pillows, tea towels, onesies and bed linens. Founder Stephanie Housley is the passion and imagination behind each design. Working from her sunlit studio in Brooklyn, New York, her energy is contagious, her work, irresistable. From tipis to llamas to feathers and dancing foxes, Stephanie draws each design by hand before it is digitized and stitched, using the highest quality linens and threads. Her team hand finishes each piece. Visit us Upstairs and discover the magic of Coral & Tusk for yourself!

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70% Off Sale in Our Kids & Babies Department

Selected clothes, books, toys and gifts for babies and kids are newly marked down to 70% off original prices. This is a great time to stock up!kids sale

Best of 2015

From local designers and artists to home decor, textiles and gifts curated from around the world, this is a glimpse at Upstairs shopping as included in recent Santa Barbara Magazine’s Best of 2015 issue. Visit us to see our new spring collections, arriving daily!

best of 2015

Upstairs shopping As Seen In Santa Barbara Magazine’s Best of 2015 Issue

For the Love of Film

Award season and winter go together like butter and popcorn. Why not brush up on your movie history facts or discover a classic gem of a film? Or give the perfect gift to your cinephile friends. We have two new Taschen books for just that.

Delve into the shadows with Film Noir: 100 All-Time Favorites. From The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to Drive, enter a world populated by private eyes, gangsters, psychopaths, and femmes fatales, where deception, lust, and betrayal run rampant.


The first film-by-film photography book on film noir and neo-noir, this essential collection begins with the early genre influencers of German and French silent film, journeys through such seminal works such as Double IndemnityThe Postman Always Rings Twice, and Vertigo, and arrives at the present day via ChinatownPulp FictionHeat, and the recent cult favorite Drive. Entries include posters, tons of rare stills, cast/crew details, quotes from the films and from critics, and analyses of the films. Film director, film noir scholar, and Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader provides the introduction to this feast of noir worship. Populated by the genre’s most revered directors, like Hitchcock, Wilder, Welles, Polanski, Mann, and Scorsese, the book also pays homage to its iconic faces, including Mitchum, Bogart, Hayworth, Bergman, Grant, Bacall, Crawford, Nicholson, Pacino, and so many more.

Or, if you’re dazzled by the lure of Tinseltown’s golden era, check out Hollywood in the 30s. Brimming with elegance and energy, this enchanting journey in images and words takes the reader back in Tinseltown time, direct to the heart, and the sheer movie-making thrill, of a decisive cinematic decade from Chaplin’s last silent films to the colorful Wizard of Oz.
 In the 1930s, the legendary City of Cinema moved from the silent era to the talking picture. It was a decade of pomp and excess in the motion picture capital, of glorious stardom and megalomaniac directors; a time when politicians and the mob all wanted a piece of the thrilling action. It was the age of the Marx brothers,Greta Garbo, Frankenstein, and Gone with the Wind, Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat and moustache, Marlene Dietrich’s androgynous glamor, and Jean Harlow’s perfectly positioned beauty spot. In this tribute to Tinseltown’s finest age, illustrator Robert Nippoldt and film critic Daniel Kothenschulte team up to pay homage to the creators, characters and charisma that made up this golden era. With his evocative illustration style, previously showcased in TASCHEN’s Jazz: New York in the Roaring Twenties, Robert Nippoldt captures the scene with all its seduction, celebrity, and its grit. In the accompanying text, Kothenschulte profiles the movers and shakers of the age, as well as its most groundbreaking developments across movie direction, music, costume, scenery and beyond.

Pura Ferreiro

Master goldsmith and silversmith, Pura Ferreiro, specializes in the ancient Etruscan jewelry crafting technique of granulation. Pura, who lives and creates in Germany, captures the beauty of nature in gold and silver. From her South Sea Pearls and 22K gold pendants to her Sterling Silver lotus pod earrings and scarab pendant, each handcrafted piece is a work of art that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for that very special piece of fine jewelry for yourself or someone you love, discover Pura Ferreiro at Upstairs.

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Valentine’s Day 2015: Gift Guide Part II

Handcrafted made-in-America leather pouches, granulated gold and pearl fine jewelry from Germany, accessories from Paul Smith London and contrast-stitched clothing for men, and the romance of scent from Diptyque Paris – it’s all Upstairs for the ones you love. And yes, we do have Valentine’s Day cards!

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Les Indiennes

In a tiny village in southern India, craftsmen and women work the ancient art of kalamkari on cotton fabric to create Les Indiennes – naturally dyed, patterned bedding and dining linens. Upstairs is honoured to carry this unique line, including pillow cases. shams, quilts, coverlets and napkins.

Mary Mulcahy launched Les Indiennes in 2002. She had a vivid picture in mind of naturally dyed cotton with airy patterns of big, single colored motifs. Unable to locate anything anywhere, she decided to create her own.

Les Indiennes never set out to industrialize or to change the way things are done in India. The production of their fabric uses no electricity, does not cause pollution nor does it disrupt the traditional lifestyle of the village where it is made. The company provides fair trade employment for over 50 families, raising the standard of living for the entire community, all the while leaving no environmental or social footprint.

Once the fabric is sufficiently softened and lightened, printing begins. Craftsmen dip hand-carved teak blocks in dyes derived from plants, roots, earth and rock. Great care must be taken in pressing the pattern to the cloth. Then, the printed fabric is air dried for at least two days. After the remaining steps of steaming, sun-drying and rinsing, this wonderfully soft fabric is used to create the final product, all completely handcrafted.

Visit us Upstairs to see and feel Les Indiennes for yourself!

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Global Eye Art Collective Pottery

The Global Eye Art Collective makes up an authentic combination of art and design and Upstairs is fortunate enough to have just received a new shipment of Global Eye’s Pottery! Handmade by Santa Barbara artist, Kristen Cramer, these earthy and chic pieces are to die for…and the proof is in the pudding. After selling out during the holiday season, we are now fully stocked with her beautiful Sgraffito Collection.

The rounded wheel thrown pieces include tumblers, wine glasses, soup bowls and small dishes. What makes them so unique is that Kristen makes them from white ceramic then paint with neutral ombre. She then hand-carves repetitive patterns using dots, circles, or lines throughout each piece. Once she is finished she paints over everything with a thin matte eggshell glaze.

Her color palate is stunning with the use of natural greys, sand, and creams making them effortless to incorporate into any existing dish sets you may already have. Here are a few of her one-of-a-kind pieces that is now available Upstairs.





Petit Bateau Baby

For the past 120 years, Petit Bateau has been a leader in the children’s apparel market.

Based in France, the company demonstrated its decidedly playful spirit right from the start with a cut-off pair of “long johns” which they coined the “petite culotte”! Over the past 120 years of weaving at its factory in Troyes, France, Petit Bateau has carefully perfected
 its unique style featuring the highest quality clothing that is always ultra comfortable and fun to wear.

Petit Bateau isn’t only about wearing comfortable clothes, it’s also about quality. Every baby product up to 36 months is certified by the Okeo-Tex label, and guarantees complete innocuous for the skin. Additionally, their clothes are non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic, and non-toxic as they avoid coloring and heavy metal.

Upstairs just received the cutest pieces from Petit Bateau including onesies, rompers, and pajamas with stripes, plaids, and more. They are absolutely adorable and are made to last! Stop by to see our selection for the little one in your life.

PB3We even have some Petit Bateau on sale! One of the sale items is this outfit below…which is so soft, cozy, and easy to dress your baby in.



Heather Wright Designs

Santa Barbara certainly does not lack talented and inspiring designers, and we are lucky to live among them.

We didn’t have to look to far to find this little gem of a jewelry designer. One of our dearest Upstairs girls, Heather Wright, is bringing elegance and wearability back to the pearl market. No need for twin sets and a bob with these beauties! Heather’s design style is modern, effortless, versatile, and above all, made by hand at her Rincon beach studio. That combo is pretty hard to beat.

Using freshwater pearls and beads from Africa and India, these chic pieces can go from the beach to the ball with no fuss. Trust us, we have done some great product testing Upstairs!

Hey gents, this may be the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for your sweetheart. For more of her designs and information please contact Upstairs at 805-565-1503.

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Campomaggi Is Back!

Fresh from Italy! Campomaggi has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited!

Designer Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams, and designs bag collections featuring the perfect match of the ancient art of leather processing and the passion for details between his amazing creativity and the painstaking care of artisan processes.

Since his youth, Marco has been influenced by the creativity of his father, who was a sculptor. His aesthetic taste and down-to-earth attitude continues to enhance the handbag market. The mix of rustic leather and hammered hardware proves that each piece is refined and rugged, the perfect Santa Barbara accessory.

Keep it up Marco, we are not complaining one bit and LOVE your collection.

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For more information and handbag styles, please call Upstairs at 805-565-1503. Open daily from 9 am – 8pm pst.

Valentine’s Day 2015: Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we’re ready to help with creative gift ideas. Here are a few of our favorites!


For the littlest loves, the classic New York Times Bestseller Hug Time. And for the grownups, this delightful book, packed with heartfelt quotations from romantics old and new, is the perfect way to say, I love you to the moon and back.

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John Derian decoupage plates, platters and domes range from lovely to playful – a classic.


Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind clutches by Emily Rosendahl Leather Goods are always a stylish gift that will last for years to come.

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Paul Smith socks for men are always an appreciated gift and an unexpected way to add fun into your guy’s day.

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We love this sequined tooth fairy pillow with a tooth pocket sewn on the back.

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Celebrate the ritual of tea with these Moroccan and French tea sets by Martine Goron.

Wonki Ware by Di Marshall

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this beautiful pottery line and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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Wonki Ware, created in South Africa by Di Marshall, is chip resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe.  The look and feel of each piece is divine – elegant and slightly unique with the warmth that only handcrafted items have.

We also love the story behind Wonki Ware. The company presently employees 40 people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are all now skilled workers being paid fair wages and are valuable, contributing members in their communities.

photo 2

In a small town called George along the Garden Route in South Africa, lies a small studio in the town centre. About 10 years ago, Di opened the studio purely to keep herself occupied while her children were at school. Living on a farm at the time, the family had to travel quite a distance everyday so she thought it would be good idea to work in her pottery studio in the morning, collect her children and go back to the farm in the afternoon. Her little studio soon became a meeting place for other potters and people that enjoyed being creative. About the same time, a young Xhosa man named Artwel started arriving every morning looking for work. Di did not have much money to pay him, but he was willing to do anything, so she began teaching him about clay. To their delight, he started producing very sensitively worked platters and bowls. The team of two grew into three and their energy and enthusiasm had people from all over the country popping into buy their pottery. Word spread from Cape Town to Johannesburg and, before long, they could barely keep up with orders.


Simple but stylish, each piece is made from high-quality porcelain clay and fired to 1300 degrees Celsius, producing extremely durable tableware suitable for everyday use. The glazes are non-toxic and lead free. Wonki Ware is well-loved and used by international chefs Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.

photo 5

So, whether you’re a foodie or just in the market for a new set of dinnerware, come visit us at Upstairs and see Wonki Ware for yourself.

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Mexico: The Cookbook

Referred to as the definitive bible of home-cooking from Mexico, this New York Times Bestseller delights with more than 650 authentic recipes and 200 illustrations. With a culinary history dating back 9000 years, Mexican food draws influences from Aztec and Mayan Indians and is renowned for its use of fresh aromatic ingredients, colorful presentations and bold food combinations.


Mexico: The Cookbook is a vibrant book that celebrates this tradition with delicious recipes that can be easily recreated at home. From tamales, fajitas, and moles to cactus salad, blue crab soup, and melon seed juice, the recipes are a celebration of the fresh flavors and ingredients from a country whose cuisine is revered around the world.


Organized by food type/style (Street Food, Starters, Drinks, Fish and Seafood, Meat and Poultry, Vegetables, Pulses and Rice, and Dessert), Mexico: The Cookbook also includes an extensive introduction to Mexican culinary history, ingredients, and techniques, while a Chef Menu section proffers inspirational recipes and menus by some of the world’s most prominent Mexican chefs.



Born in Mexico, Margarita Carrillo Arronte has dedicated more than 25 years to researching, studying, teaching and cooking Mexican cuisine. From 1996 to 2006, she was the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture’s chef, organizing Mexican food festivals and gala dinners across North America, Europe and Asia. In 2010, she led a campaign to get Mexican cuisine recognized as a UNESCO cultural property. In addition to teaching Mexican Cuisine at Cucul Cultura Culinaria A.C. and the National University of Mexico, Carillo Arronte is also the leader of the Slow Food movement in Baja and runs the restaurants, Don Emiliano (San Jose del Cabo) and Casa Mexico (Mexico City). She lives in Mexico City.

New Year’s Sale Upstairs – Up to 70% Off

At Pierre Lafond Upstairs in Montecito, selected items in menswear, womenswear, children’s, bath and dining are newly marked down 30-70%. photo-7

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our bedroom this week is inspired by one of Karen Bezuidenhout’s newest paintings featuring cormorants, a fish-pursuing diving bird which is most abundant on the West Coast of Africa. We’ve layered textures and patterns of cream and black linens on the bed and flanked it with chairs that just arrived from Malawi. Come visit us and see what else is new Upstairs! photo-5

Global Eye Art Collective

Looking for gifts made by local artisans with a touch of the authentic Santa Barbara lifestyle? Meet Kristen Cramer, creator of Global Eye Art Collective. Living the ranch life in Santa Ynez, California, Kristen has brought her creative genius to the marketplace. From her all-natural body care products made from the wax and honey of her own bees to the original handcrafted pottery from her kiln, Kristen’s passion and knowledge for quality and aesthetics are apparent. The collection is now available Upstairs.


Kristen’s Earth pottery collection features wheel thrown pitchers and mugs in a warm brown clay with pulled handles and simple, hand built details. The outsides are left completely raw or partially dipped while interiors are dipped in a matte cream glaze.


The Sgraffito collection features wheel thrown cylinders in cream clay, painted neutral ombre with tinted slip then carved with repetitive patterns. Tumblers, wine glasses, small dishes and soup bowls are available in Dot, Circle or Line designs. All pieces are finished in a thin, matte eggshell glaze.



Global Eye’s ceramic lip balm containers are handmade, sporting cream glazed interiors and top with and their sides remaining raw white clay. Inside, is lip balm made from beeswax and honey from Kristen’s own bees, 100% pure lanolin and vitamin E oil. It is flavored with a tiny hint of pure natural grapefruit essence. They hold about .2-.3oz of lip balm. And are about 1.5 inches high and between 1.5 – 2 inches wide.


Visit us Upstairs to see the collection for yourself and to stock up on gifts!

Two Thousand Fifteen

Our new 2015 wall hanging and scroll calendars have arrived just in time for holiday gift giving. Made in America of 100% sturdy cotton canvas and linen. Both can be written on to circle important dates and create a momento of the year.
photo 1-11
The sturdy canvas version comes with four black thumb tacks and one pin with which to mark special dates. Approximately 16″x24″.
photo 2-12
Unscroll the linen and cotton calendar to reveal each new month. Approximately 5″x54″ full length.

Happy 2015!!

In Search of the Dark Watchers

photo-14Upstairs now has a limited number of signed copies of the mystical new book authored by Thomas Steinbeck and illustrated by Benjamin Brode, In Search of the Dark Watchers. When visitors come to the Big Sur wilderness on California’s central coast, they’re often struck by how mystical and remote it feels. Some people even return with tales of encounters with a “presence” — a fleeting glimpse in the sun-dappled shadows, an eerie feeling in the stillness of the trees. Could such accounts be the result of a sensitive imagination or are they a validation that the Dark Watchers live on? Stories of these elusive beings persist and are passed down from generation to generation.

On a fateful, foggy evening not long ago, Thomas Steinbeck told California landscape painter Benjamin Brode about the legendary “watchers” who roam the wilds of Big Sur. The particulars of the account had been told to Steinbeck as a child and authenticated by such credible sources as his grandmother, Olive Hamilton, and Billy Post, descendant of El Sur Grande ranchers and, at that time, the resident sage of the Post Ranch Inn.Brode_painting_16-2

Steinbeck’s compelling tale took root in Brode’s imagination. He wondered if it might be possible to go to Big Sur and capture some of the Dark Watchers’ mystery on canvas. Not long after, he packed up his old VW van and headed north to New Camaldoli Hermitage near Lucia. Once there, Brode set aside time to quiet his heart, walk the trails, and sit in the woods… feeling and sketching everything. To insure his success, he brought along a basket of food and offerings designed to appeal to Dark Watchers’ sensibilities.Brode_painting_15

When he returned home, Brode had the impressions he needed to start painting. And paint he did. The extraordinary series in this book was completed in record time. Did the Dark Watchers guide the artist’s brush? We’ll never know.

Steinbeck’s vivid childhood recollections and Brode’s Big Sur series became In Search of the Dark

Sweet Souls

The endearing face of a dog is a comfort that brings joy and warms the heart. Santa Barbara artist Erika Carter captures all that we love about dogs with her new retablo series featuring man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. Erika created the series for her show at the National Museum for Animals and Society in Los Angeles. Each is an original work inspired by dogs she knows. They are painted on tin from Mexico and mounted on wood. Take a peek for yourself.